We can't walk by every place. But in a few hours of storytelling, you'll find some gems not listed on any map for tourists. Tell your friends, get a sitter, and head out for a happy two-hour tour. 

Here's what others have said about my Grunge Redux tour (or some of the other Seattle things I've put together) in the past year+.


“What Killed Grunge?” from KUOW’s “The Record” on-air discussion with local musicians Ean Hernandez, Gretta Harley and host Bill Radke. 2/14/19

“Seattle: Nirvana of Grunge” from ARTE (French & German TV Network) documentary on Seattle and the musical influence of the grunge era. 3/8/19


"This Seattle Tour Guide is Taking Music Fans Back to Our Grunge Days" 
from The Evergrey 3/22/18


"Gold, Growth and a Party: 5 Things To Know About Seattle's First Boom" 
from The Evergrey 1/31/17

"How We Finally Know We're Old: Grunge Tours Are a Thing"
from The Stranger 3/8/17

"Grunge Redux - A Walk That Will Rock"
Recommended Event by The Stranger 3/10/17

"Atlas Obscura and Grunge Redux with Eric Magnuson" podcast
from This Must Be The Place 5/2/17

KIRO Radio piece by Rachel Belle featuring Eric 5/28/17

"A City Like a Stage"
from Der Speigel Online (Germany) featuring Eric 7/16/17

"Five Iconic Landmarks to Visit Before Seeing Seattle's Grunge Musical"
from OZY Magazine featuring Eric 11/6/17

What past clients have said about the tour...

I was planning a quick trip to Seattle, my first visit since 1994. As a fan of the grunge era, I was hoping to find a "non-touristy" tour that focused on Seattle's sites and stories that were an integral part of it's monumental music scene. I came across an article on Eric and his recent Grunge Redux tour, which at the time, was a one-off event. I took a chance and asked (nicely begged) him if he'd consider taking me on the tour. He agreed and I feel like I hit the jackpot!

Eric's Grunge Redux tour was a refreshing and thoughtful tour that reflected the era in an honest and real way. Eric has such broad knowledge and gave me great insight to life in Seattle during the 80-90's. He has an incredible gift of storytelling and has a fun approach to experiencing a slice of real Seattle. Strolling through the area with him and hearing stories about everything from Sub Pop to The Crocodile took me back in time. As we walked, we chatted about Green River, Mother Love Bone, Pearl Jam and more. Having this opportunity to tour with a local historian, who could share his personal stories along with the history and culture of the grunge era, was truly memorable. 

- Pauline N., NYC (fashion designer)

Oh, there are others...check back for other endorsements...connections have been maintained. That's how I roll.

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