Nordic Chefs outside Black Dog Forge

About Eric Magnuson

Eric is a writer, researcher, and cultural geographer. He’s been leading Grunge Redux tours according to his own design since March 2017. Tour group participants from at least 25 nations and the vast majority of American states have joined the fun. All people coming to Seattle with questions about the grunge era share one thing in common - they get those questions answered entertainingly by Eric. 

Got a special area of interest and/or a desire to dig further into the grunge era in the Pacific Northwest?  Holler back. Typically, Thursday or Friday "Happy Hour" tours or weekend "Brunch" tours make the most sense. Want to find the places that show why Seattle was so musically and culturally compelling during the grunge era? Look no further. Eric’s research is ongoing and this storytelling experience draws from a deeply-rooted love for Seattle's history.

But let’s not bury the lead. Regularly-scheduled tours end on June 14, 2019. Full stop.

However, you’re welcome to ask about special scheduling arrangements. Eric really does look for ways to accommodate everyone’s search for meaning (and entertainment) from the fascinating grunge era and Seattle’s broader cultural evolution. You can get added to the (proverbial) list, especially if your story is compelling. Expect a prompt reply.