Nordic Chefs outside Black Dog Forge

About Eric Magnuson

Photo taken outside the former home of Black Dog Forge.

Eric has been leading tours since 2017. 

I my one-of-a-kind tours happen a few times/month (with the possibility of adding more due to demand or special requests). Got a special area of interest and/or a desire to dig further into the grunge era in the Pacific Northwest?  Give me a holler. Typically, I offer Friday "Happy Hour" tours, and Saturday "Brunch" tours. We'll see places I feel encapsulate why Seattle was so musically and culturally compelling between the mid-1980s through the later 1990s. The research is ongoing and the storytelling based upon experience and a deep love for Seattle's history.

Coming in the summer of 2018 - new surprises, special event tours (in a VAN!) and so much more.