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Dig This! The first "Happy Hour" Grunge Redux tour.

  • Yard 9 Productions Seattle, WA 98101 USA (map)

For the past year, I've done special request tours and answered media inquiries about my work researching the mid-80s through later-90s and other eras of Seattle's music history. But starting next Friday, March 23rd at 4pm, I'm offering my two-hour "Grunge Redux" walking tour. The price is $50/person or $45/person in groups of 2 or more

These experiences are limited to small groups. Expect that we'll cover plenty while walking a motivated two-mile path of primarily Belltown that will end at KEXP's Gathering Space in Seattle Center. This Happy Hour version of "Grunge Redux" allows for a few pitstops along the way (The Croc and The 5 Point). There will also be takeaway materials to use in exploring other parts of Seattle for worthy landmarks of the grunge era and beyond. If you're interested in joining, reach out in old-school-ish fashion (via email) and I'll tell you where to meet up with the group. 

I plan to offer approximately 3 tours/month starting in April. Until now, I've only done these tours when people have reached out because of various past media coverage. I'm now ramping it up because I perceive the need for a thoughtful, dedicated storyteller on this beat. I've found that there's such rich material out there, even as Seattle papers over so much in a fevered rush to build a less grungy future.

Later Event: April 6
Happy Hour tour