Learn more about Sub Pop's 30th Anniversary and Nirvana's first Seattle shows on my next Happy Hour tour - Friday. 4/6 @ 4pm

Nevermind the clichés. Grunge Redux, my always-evolving and deeply-researched storytelling tour enters April with a special 30th Anniversary focus! Join me to peek into some of coolest corners of the over-exposed yet still somehow superunknown grunge era. We'll dig deeper into the dirt around this Town's musical roots. Gain insight into what led to the sonic boom that turned "Seattle" from a proper noun into an adjective (think "Seattle band"). And connect a whole lotta dots for a clearer picture of the upheaval caused by the music and culture that came from here.

Expect to walk a path where many influential bands from the mid-80s through the late-90s cut teeth, stumbled repeatedly, and earned cred. I tell stories about far more than just the Big 4 bands of the early '90s (Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains). Focus upon the music that morphed from punk and metal and garage rock and homegrown hybrids into the sound that tuned the world's ear to what happened up here. Expect this month's offerings to sprinkle extra cheese on what's usually served up, thanks to the 30th Anniversaries of Sub Pop Records' founding (April 1, 1988) and the first Nirvana shows in Seattle (4/10 and 4/24/88).

Stops will feature largely unmarked notable locations worth remembering throughout Belltown and beyond. This short-term side project will split up and go our separate ways at KEXP's Gathering Space in Seattle Center. This will be a motivated trek...with a few well-timed pit stops...covering approximately two miles. No matter how long you've lived in Seattle, expect that you'll hear funny and real stories that provide a new context for an influential era. 

Click over to "Buy Tickets" if you'd like in. Be sure to fill out the form with the date you'd like...there are more Tour Dates listed through August. I'll respond with detail(s) of where to meet. Space is (very) limited. Tickets are $50/person, less if you bring a friend (or more). You'll leave with some truly unique biblioswag (lists of other places to seek out) that will lead to self-guided awesomeness all over Seattle. 

You know you want to know more about the grunge era. Even if you know absolutely nothing about that scene, why not join me for the walk that rocks? Rain or shine, it'll be a good time.