Happy 51st to Kurt

If Kurt Cobain had survived the paired demons of addiction and international fame, today would be his 51st birthday. Instead, he died at age 27. Just like Seattle-native Jimi Hendrix, and host of other tragically-lost icons. I can only guess that he'd find any public focus upon his birthday as similar to the other intrusions into his private life. I was reminded of it by a burgeoning list of people I follow on Twitter and the usual "Today in History" snapshots that still get run in the media. Here's when I just step away (hopefully) with grace by saying, here's to Kurt. I'm certainly not alone in saying he was my favorite musician from the 90s. Skol!

Yesterday was a picture-perfect, cold-for-Seattle Presidents' Day. I took the chance to walk through much of downtown Seattle and the Seattle Center, snapping pics of some of my favorite spots to stop and tell stories along the way of my "Grunge Redux" tour. I've uploaded many of them. If you join me on a tour, I promise we'll get to see many but not all of those spots. I can't promise the weather will cooperate. This is Seattle, after all. Luckily, we stop and poke our heads inside more than enough places to dry off on even the ugliest of days. That I promise, as well.